Sunday, 31 August 2014

Getting Nostalgic

Today I met up with old friends from secondary school. Can't believe I'm going into my fourth year of college and haven't seen some friends from school in all that time, except the odd drunken night out like..! It was great to see them and we spent hours catching up.

One of the main reasons I enjoy looking at beauty and fashion blogs is to see what people wear out and about on ordinary days, so I thought I'd show you my makeup and outfit, even though it was nothing special!

Let me just say, I still haven't quite got the hang of taking pictures of myself, or my makeup. I'm awful with angles, the lighting does be atrocious and the makeup never seems to come out looking in anyway like it does in person. Not only that but my editing skills are just plain awful.. I have so much to learn!!

I kept my makeup very simple. I couldn't be bothered spending loads of time on it. . and I was really rushed getting ready. Went for a quite natural look. I did do a bit of a bronze smokey eye but you can't exactly tell! Put my hair up for once as well. I usually have it down so it was really nice to have it out of my face. It was in bad need of a wash and didn't have time so I teased the top and put it in a bun. 

Looking short and stumpy!!

My outfit was .. as usual pretty casual! You might wonder why on earth I'm wearing a jacket in summer, especially over a long sleeved top but it's to cover a rash I got from a medication allergy - ew. I was f**king boiling all day!! Excuse the awkward pose, I genuinely thought it would look cool, the shame.

If you haven't seen old friends in a long time, get back in touch and definitely make time for a meet up, because it's actually so nice to just get together and talk about the old days. There's nothing better than laughing about old memories, talking about old dramas and bitching about this and that. I'm so serious.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Autumn is coming

The other evening I walked my dog in the rain and I can't explain it, but all of a sudden it felt like Autumn. I don't know what it was, it was raining and it's gotten very cold at night lately. I went at half seven and by the time I got back to the car at half eight, it was getting dark. Not only that, but it actually smelled like Autumn. Maybe it's the fact that I just put together a sort of Autumn inspired wishlist. I suppose it was all them things combined, but it made me realize how much I'm actually looking forward to Autumn/Winter.

Right now the weather is a bit inbetween, some days it's hot and summery, yesterday it was actually 22 degrees. Other days it's raining and the nights are starting to get bitter cold! I really can't wait until the weather makes a full commitment to Autumn. When that time does come, I'll surely be complaining of the cold, having to walk to college in the wind and rain, sitting down for a lecture with my clothes dripping. Having to spend the day in the cold, wet clothes and then walking home in the dark. Hating that I have to go out in the horrible weather to get turf for the fire and having bring the dog out, and stand shivering while I wait for her to do her to go.. but right now, I'm so excited for Autumn.
Loving the thoughts of wrapping up in warm clothes and wearing my thickest comfy socks. Sitting in front of the lit fire place listening to the rain and wind over the sound of the tv. Drinking hot chocolate (although I'm not meant to due to stomach problems; that's hardly gona stop me). Going for walks and watching the leaves fall, coming back with a pink nose. Also looking forward to changing my makeup up, going for a dark lip or brown smokey eye, rather than the bronzed summer look. Being able to wear my usual dark attire and not look out of place. And can I just say, Halloween. 

Just some of the things I'm looking forward to

I guess it's cause I'm new to blogging, but I'm finding it so difficult to find nice images under the creative commons license. I'm so tempted to just start grabbing images off Pinterest and Tumblr, but i'm too worried about copyright issues! It's so annoying because there is so many beautiful and inspiring Autumn pictures. I suppose I'll have to practice my photography skills and start taking my own.. ha..


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DIY / Modifying shoes

In my last post I showed a pair of flats that I bought in River island. I loved the shoes, but wasn't sure about the gold chain. I decided to wear them for a while to see if they it grew on me, but the first time I wore them I thought .. just no. The gold chain wasn't working for me. I changed it to black and decided to show you how it went. This could be recreated on other shoes by changing the colour of the zip or detailing on the shoe.

The shoes before.

I only needed:
  • Newspaper
  • sponge
  • black nail varnish / spray paint
  • Simple.

I think if you can get a black spray paint, it would definitely be easier and a lot less messy. I'd guess the finish would be a lot cleaner too. I on the other hand only had nail varnish, and don't have the funds to get a spray. To be fair the varnish still worked fine it just took a lot more time.

1 . Firstly I laid newspaper out on a table, and to protect the shoe I slid some up under the chain.
2. I used a sponge to dab a layer of nail varnish on - because otherwise the gold chain had no texture   and was too smooth, so the nail varnish would just slide over but not stick.
3. After a putting on a layer with the sponge, I was able to paint the nail varnish on directly with the brush.
4. Keep applying coats until you have it the way you would like it.

How they turned out.

I actually thought it looked really cool after the first coat of varnish using the sponge. I liked how you could see the gold through the black and was going to leave it like that but then kept going. The great thing about this is you could use any colour you like. Because the shoes are monochrome any colour would match. I'm thinking it might be possible to peal the varnish off which would be handy if I got sick of the black, then I could just paint the chains another colour. Endless possibilities. Not sure if it would work though

IMPORTANT: Make sure you give each coat of varnish drying time. If you go to add a coat before the previous one is fully dry, it will just make a gloopy mess and the finished product will be lumpy.

If you're doing something like this, have things to do in between waiting for coats of varnish to try or it will get very boring. It took about 8 coats for mine to look right (probably due to cheap nail varnish), so that's a lot of waiting time. In between coats I did the dishes and cooked - although I have to say, it probably isn't the best to cook in a room full of nail varnish fumes so I wouldn't advise that!

I really liked how they turned out. I think they look so much nicer this way. It just shows that you shouldn't be afraid to buy something you like just because of a small detail that might not be appealing to you. Normally I would have just left them on the shelf. You can sometimes improve it and end up loving the finished result. And in this case, it didn't cost me anything extra.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A few bits and pieces

  I was away for the day and bought a few things with some birthday money. Thought I'd show you what I got. Basically although I've started up a blog that's going to include a lot of beauty and fashion, I'm not very comfortable with taking photos of myself. I'm very camera shy so I'm avoiding it for as long as I can. Don't know what it is, I don't mind other people taking pictures but I can't bring myself to hold a camera infront of my face haha.
Long gone are the days of bebo - taking about 100 pictures of yourself, just to upload one as your profile picture. Even worse were the people who took 100 pictures and uploaded every single one of them!! But since then I don't take pictures of myself .. now it just feels weird.

So to avoid outfit or makeup posts..

 I got a Vera Moda aubergine coloured jacket. Love the colour of this coat. It's one of my favourites for Autumn, sure who doesn't love this colour?! It will add something to my all black outfits, but seeing as its quite dark it's not too much out of my comfort zone. It's a different choice for me, most of my jackets are big, oversized and long, where as this is short and fitted. Thought it would be nice to change it up for once. I got it for €44 which I thought was great for a winter coat.

 These shoes area also quite different for me. I'm one for wearing boots most of the time. My only flat casual shoes are two pairs of converse, but when I saw these I was drawn to them! I love the pattern and how the material seems to be quite waterproof. I'm not sure if I like the gold chain, I was thinking of getting a matte black nail varnish and going over it. Think that would be much more me!
Got them in River Island - here.

Rush. This is one of my favourite movies. It's based on a true story. It's about the life and the formula 1 careers of Niki Lauda  and James Hunt. I find it so captivating, and well, things always get seriously emotional. If you're put off because it centres around formula 1, don't be. If you havn't seen it, please watch it!! If you don't like it well then, I'm so disappointed in you!!

This canvas, a bit of an unusual purchase..for me anyway. I love how it's Banksy style. And I mean, a doughnut van getting a police escort, enough said.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Post #1

How do I introduce myself to the world of blogging? Starting a blog is something I've always wanted to do. I can spend hours looking through beauty, fashion and just-about-anything blogs but I've always been to afraid to start one myself thinking, "who'd want to read what I have to say?". But, I have decided f**k it, I'm going to do it anyway!

I spend a lot of time alone, maybe too much time. By maybe I mean definitely. So, I obviously spend far to much time over thinking the most stupid things, spending many (most) nights awake with my overloaded mind. So I'm hoping starting a blog will give me something to do in spare time, and allow me to get things off my chest in a way. Basically, I need a hobby. It's actually 4.12am right now and maybe it's because of my tiredness that I have finally decided to do this.

This blog is basically going to be about anything, anything goes. But  I'm sure it will be mostly about beauty, fashion, thoughts, lifestyle and a bit of health so I can bitch to the internet about all my health problems!!..wait that is everything isn't it... It's going to be a place for me to empty part of my busy mind.. like my own version of a pensive for when "I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind."
"One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin." or in this case, into the blog.

Cringe, Harry Potter quotes aside, I have to say I don't speak very.. posh? proper? Which is another reason I've been hesitating about starting a blog. I've read blogs of people speaking so overly proper, and I'm thinking,.. you cannot speak like that in person!!  But a blog should be a place you can be yourself, and that is what this is, so please don't expect me to sound too intelligent! I'd also like to say I've never done anything like this before, so it will probably take me a while to get into the shwing of things. Or maybe I'll just be terrible at it..

Sure well, we'll see how it goes!