Monday, 22 September 2014

A/W Wishlist

Beige Jacket - Here, Slip dress - Here, Little black dress - Here, Mesh t-shirt dress - Here, Leather look tshirt - Here, Leather Jacket- Here, Scarves - Here & Here, Boots - Here, Guess bag - I believe it's the Rowena Hold all.

Just a few of the items I'm craving for this season.
Currently drooling.

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

A College sort of week in photos

Second week of college went alright. It turns out I only have four hours of lectures a week. That sounds like nothing, but we are basically expected to spend all day every day in the library. I think I'd prefer full days of lectures because then all you have to do is sit and listen. I'm so bad at self-study!

Start my final year project next week. So excited but equally, actually more so nervous. It's such a big deal. My project will be taking up all of my Tuesdays and Thursdays, so now my college week is pretty jammed and I'm guessing the weeks will fly.

Made Tanya Burr cookies, so good ┊ Went to an autocross ┊ Final year students are the only ones in the library this early in the semester ┊ Queuing outside supermacs for free burritos. Never had one before and damn it was good ┊ Forgot how much I love this Zara jacket.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

College OOTD

After a week being back, I've finally settled into college. Now that I'm a bit more organised I can start with the blog again. Here's todays outfit:

 Jacket- Zara, Top - Tally Weijl, Jeans- Tally Weijl, Shoes- Converse

 Love this top for when I'm going quite casual. When I took my jacket off (which was the main focus of the outfit) the studs on the shoulders add a bit of punk to an otherwise pretty boring outfit.

The weather here is so hard to predict at the moment. In the mornings it's overcast. By looking out the window it looks like it's going to be cold with a pretty big chance of rain. When you actually go out though it's pretty warm and by the evening time its sunny! So it's been very hard to pick outfits the last week.

I thought the safest option was to wear a light jacket, because yesterday I went for a leather one. By the time I got to college I was sooo bloody warm, and felt like the jacket was just sealing in the juices if ya know what I mean.. - sorry about the graphic description!  Can't wait for the weather to make it's mind up.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Getting Organized

I've settled into my college apartment and so I thought I'd show you my room. As I said in my Beating homesickness post, the plan was to make my room a lot more welcoming. I don't have any pictures of how it looked last year but it definitely looks so much better now. Last year I just viewed my room as cold and uninviting but now it's the opposite, although the sun shining does help.. and that happens very rarely!

I actually love my room now. We were very lucky in my apartment because all three bedrooms are double rooms. Mine is the smallest of the three rooms but I love it. My room at home is much bigger and that means I have so much more room to make a mess, it's so much easier to keep this room tidy!

This desk isn't actually used for studying. I just can't study at home. I just use it to store all my stuff. Excuse the always pads inside the desk.. obviously didn't see them when I was taking the picture ha.

Love this bed. It's so comfy, which makes leaving it to walk out in the wet and cold so much harder!! Although this week the weather has been great so it hasn't been too bad.

The window is like my little make up station. I do my make up here in the mornings because the light shines directly in. I've really got the perfect little set up haha. It's a bit of a hazard though because last year I actually left my magnifying mirror on the window sill when I went to college. When I came home my room was all smokey and my make up bag was all charred.. so I have to keep it on the floor now.. oops!
We're so lucky to have a roof garden. Technically we're not allowed on it but we do sit out when we get the weather for it. How could you not?! Just don't tell my landlord.

My friend/housemate presented me with this beauty on my first day back for a belated birthday present. I love it. There was no where to hang it so I blue-tacked it to my radiator beside my bed. I saw it monthssss ago and she remembered to get it for me, what a sweetie.

On the topic of getting myself organised, I thought I'd also show all my college stuff because I had it all together when I packed. Looking at it makes me so excited to get stuck into college work. Let me just tell ya though, I've never been an organized person. In school my books were always a mess. Everyone had their own locker but I'd normally throw mine up on top of the lockers rather than go to the effort of putting them into my actual locker (cuz that's so difficult apparently?!). This meant a lot of missing books over the years.

I was never great for studying either. I was the sort of person that had no motivation to do any work until I was put under pressure to do it. I would copy down answers to homework before the class and would start studying a week/a few days before exams but would manage to do alright, so hey, it worked for me! Since going to college though, I've realized that does not work!!

In the last year I've actually gotten quite used to studying and crazily enough I feel quite satisfied after an evening of studying in the library. So now that I've got studying down, my goal for this year is to be a master of... ORGANIZATION! My friend and I have decided we're going to be ridiculously organized and we even walked around Easons a few weeks in advance and made note of the things we wanted. How lame haha. So before I moved, I went on a stationary shopping spree. Here is the result. Can't wait to use all this and I'm not even sorry.

The floral plastic folders are sooo pretty. I got them in Tesco, they actually have really nice back to school stuff. They had a matching ring binder but I didn't think I'd use it. I got the year diary planner there too. I've never owned a year planner before because I'd never have used it, but I thought it would definitely help me with being more organised so I picked this one up. It has such a cool cover too which definitely swayed me in to get it.  I don't know about you but I just feel like I'll study better and take more pride in my notes and work if my stationary looks nice. Let's hope that is the case.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Beating homesickness

I know for a fact that being homesick can ruin experiences like college. For my first two years in university I didn't get that home sick. I'd look forward to going home, but it wasn't a problem. Plus, I go home most weekends unless there's a fieldtrip or something which was very rare.
In my third year however, due to stomach problems and anxiety, and just missing my dog and family, I got sooo homesick it was ridiculous. Being homesick made my anxiety and stomach even worse, and being more anxious and ill made me even more homesick. It was a continuous circle and basically ruined my college year. It stopped me from doing all kinds of things. I didn't want to go anywhere and all I could think about was how much I wanted to be at home.
So now that I've had the Summer at home and I understand my anxiety and stomach problems much more, I've decided that I'm going to do all I can to prevent myself getting too homesick.

Here's a few things I'm trying out that I'm hoping will work:

I'm going to make my bedroom look cosy and personal. For the last two years that I lived in my apartment, it was like I didn't want to commit to living there. I didn't think of it as a home, just a place I stayed for five days of the week. I thought it was a waste to really decorate my bedroom, so it was pretty bare and wasn't very inviting. So this time, I'm going to make it my own. I've got a multi-picture frame that I'm going to put on my wall with pictures of my family, friends and pets so that it doesn't feel like they're that far away. I also got a few pictures to hang up around my room so that the walls don't look so bare. I'm going to get a cactus or some sort of plant as well, to put on my window sill. Basically just give my room more homely touches. That way I can start thinking of it as my home and I'm hoping, will reduce how homesick I get.

I'm going to put a lot more effort into college itself. Go to all lectures. Well, it's my final year so there is only four hours of lectures a week. Much more emphasis is put on self study and we're being given so much to do so I'm also planning on going to the library a lot. We were advised to study 9-5 so that is the aim! Time spent working in the library is time not spent on missing home.

I want to start exercising this year. Usually after a day in college, I'd go to my apartment and sit on the couch on my laptop or staring at the tv, but not really doing anything. I'm such a lazy person and rarely get off my arse. My college has a great gym which has lots of classes, so I've decided to go to a yoga class once or twice a week. This is something to keep me occupied and everyone says it's good for anxiety so that's a bonus. My college town is such a lovely place but I don't make the most of it, so now in the evenings I'd like to start going for walks. I'm meant to go for a walk after dinner anyway for my stomach. Exercise is good for your physical and mental health, so it's time I started.

I want to do more activities with my college friends too. I don't like going out to nightclubs like I used to, because again, alcohol ruins my stomach and I get quite anxious; I'm hoping you see the pattern here... Because of this, I miss out a lot when my friends go out. But surely there must be other things to do; cinema, bowling, shopping, hanging out. So this year there will be plenty of that.

Finally, blog more. That's why I started this blog in the first place, to have something to do in my spare time. And believe me, I've plenty of spare time. Other people seem to have hobbies and things but not me. Except for reading and watching Youtube videos. Yano that part on your CV where you list your interests and hobbies? You can imagine how pathetic mine looks! I spend more time trying to think up hobbies I can stick down, than I do writing out the whole rest of my CV. Blogging is my new hobby and although I've only started, I am really enjoying it.

My plan is basically to be much more busy this year. Then, I shouldn't have so much spare time to be worrying and missing my family. My mind is my main problem, so the less time I have to sit and dwell, the better. Five days isn't even a long time, so hopefully this year it will go a bit quicker.. because when you're homesick time seems to slow to a crawl. I'm pretty optimistic - for the moment anyway - that all of this will work. I'll keep you posted.

I'd love if anyone would like to include any other tips or activities that work for them :)

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Recap of my summer

As I said in my last post, it's really starting to feel like Autumn. Summer is over. It's been a good summer, best part of my year anyway. This past year I've been battling with severe anxiety but when summer hit and I came home from uni it has improved so much, I feel like a new person. Unfortunately I'm a bit nervous of going back incase it comes back again - because I can't deal!

But anyyyyway, back on track.. It's been a good summer! I'd awful bad luck and couldn't get a job so I didn't have money to do all the fun stuff I wanted to do - weekends away with friends, shopping, days out, cinema... but I did do a few things. I don't know why but I cannot get a job!! I've been looking for summer/christmas jobs since I turned 18 and in the 3 years that have passed I have not once been successful. I think I look too young and make a really bad first impression - I think that's actually it, gotta work on that,.. but I don't know how!

Even though I didn't have tonnes of money to do exciting things, I did hang out with friends from home and had the best of craic ;) Wana see?

 I celebrated my 21st birthday. I just had some of my closest friends over. My sister and brother had a few friends too and we just had a good long session - drinking until five in the morning. Had such a good night though. I never thought I'd do something for my 21st.. I'm not one for making a big deal of my birthdays, but my family convinced me to and I'm so glad :)


My boyfriend brought me away for my birthday. We went to Westport in Clare. We went for a weekend and it was so lovely. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, I felt a bit out of place because it seemed so nice haha. We explored a bit and went to Achill Island before we left for home again. The scenery was breathtaking. We did a bit of unexpected hiking which I was not prepared for - I was wearing sandals!! I don't know what mountain/hill we climbed but it was amazing. There was a religious statue on the top which didn't suit me at all...but people had made little memorials all around it. One I thought was so sweet, was a headstone to mark the place where a dog was buried. The headstone read “ Our pal Buzz lightyear. To infinity and beyond”. I thought it was so beautiful.


 My brother had his grad/debs. He looked sooo good. It's so funny I almost feel like I'm his mam,  the way I worry about him more than I should - but he's my little brother. He's getting so old and I don't want him to grow up ha. 

Hung with my family and friends. The left is my brother, sister and me at an autucross. So jealous that my brother get's to drive a rally car, I want to!! The picture on the right  is two of my good friends and I off to the Marquee in Drumlish, which is basically a big drinking session in a marquee haha.

 I tried to spend as much time as I could outside with all my pets, because when I go back to Uni, I'm going to miss them all so so so much. I spend a lot of time inside so I thought it would be nice to make an effort to spend more time out in the fresh air especially because when I go back to college I'll basically be living in the stuffy library. Eugh the thoughts of it, all that stale air going around the building, it can't be good for you..
It makes me so happy to be with my pet - I have 8 in total. Makes sense why I'm studying zoology ha.

So all in all it wasn't a bad summer. I did quite a bit of stuff but I'm not one for taking pictures which is a pity.. because looking back through the ones I had was so nice. I might try and take more photos from now on, which would come in handy when keeping a blog. I keep telling myself I'm going to get a job soon and by next summer I'll have money for sooo many fun activities!! Because I'll be finished university then, I'd love to do a J1 or go on a sun holiday or do something big with my summer. Suppose I'll have to see what happens, that's a long way away now.  Hope everybody else had a good summer and made lots of memories :)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Everyday Makeup Look

 Today was one of those running-into-town to do a few jobs kind of days. On days like this I can't be bothered with a full face of makeup. I used to be so into makeup and really enjoyed spending time in the morning piling it on ... not really!, but I did put a lot of effort in and could spend well up to an  hour doing it.

Now, I think it's a bit of a waste of time when I'm only going into town for a couple of hours, so lately I go for the more natural look. Now.. I could go all natural and wear none at all (which I sometimes do) but you know how it is .. going out in public.. faced with seeing other human beings, we like to try and cover those flaws to feel alright about ourselves, amirightladies!!! But I do try and wear as little as I can get away with.

So this is an example of an everyday makeup look; I'd almost class it as a no-makeup makeup look, except for the eyeliner on the top. I like to keep the focus on the eyes. A load of mascara, bit of smudged eyeliner and the skin kept skin-looking, a bit too skin-like actually with feckin blemishes showing through! A bit of a neutral lipstick and that's me done.

Here's what I use:
 Looking at this picture it seems like quite a lot of products actually!!

List of products:
No7 Stay perfect foundation - not sure if I'm liking this actually. But yano, gotta use that bottle up!!
Seventeen Staytime Concealer
Urban decay Naked flush palette
Essence compact powder
Essence superfine eyeliner pen
Rimmel London Kate mascara
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
Rimmel Lipstick in Vintage Pink
Real Techniques buffing brush
Real Techniques sponge
Smudge brush

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Autumn/Winter Wishlist

I'm hoping some of you are like me and spend hours trawling through all the clothes websites you  know of, even though you don't have the money to buy anything. It'd make much more sense to stay away from them to prevent being depressed by all the beautiful things I'll never own. But I can't help it, and when I see something I like, I open it in a new tab and refuse to 'x' out of it. When family or boyfriend see the amount of tabs open they go mad and say to get rid of them, but I can't do it. Eventually, when my laptop starts to go at a snails pace I move them into a wishlist folder in my bookmarks, where they grow old and die!! Sadly, I don't think I've ever actually bought anything off these wishlists. When I finally have money and go back through the items, they are usually sold out.Very disappointing.

So here is my first wishlist, and I can assure you it won't be the last. My weakness is shoes. I'm told I have too many but I don't think so, I mean, I don't have these ones do I?! I can only hope that one day, I actually get to call one, some, (but probably none ) of these my own. - sad.

Autumn/Winter is coming so it's almost time to say hello to the darker colours, although to be fair I never really said goodbye to them. Even on the sunniest of days the last couple of months you'd catch me in all black, or if I was feeling a bit adventurous maybe a bit of grey! I do love my dull colours. The shoes on this wishlist - or most of them - look very appropriate for Autumn/Winter both style and colour wise.

1. Bugsy Platform lace up boot - €32.49. Oh holy mother of god look at these beauties. When I showed these to my mam she laughed and said in a horrified way that they reminded her of something she would have worn to school. Well mammy, they're something I'd love to wear to school !!! I hate dressing too girly so I can just imagine how these would... boy-ify any girly outfit! The colour is ideal for Autumn and on a practical note patent is perfect for this time of year when it's going to get wet and horrible. I can see why they're not for everybody but I think they're b-e-a-utifulll.

2. Dr.Martens Byron7 Boot - €134.91. Again these are on the grungy side and they're just gorgeous! I always wanted a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots and these sort of remind me of those, just without the cutouts and with smaller buckles. .

3.Ashlie Black Peep Toe Chunky Boots - €38.99. Okay so these aren't exactly weather appropriate with the cutouts. They're a bit more Summery but they're pretty, I really like them.

4. Oxblood ankle boots - $19.49. I found these on a wholesale website and they are soooo cheap! The only worry is getting them from America and having them not fit. Too much effort.

5. Jeffrey Campbell Pole Vault Platform Boot - €161.14. Two words, Yes please.

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