Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Changing up my everyday look - Winged Eyeliner

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner

 I posted an everyday makeup a few weeks ago. In the last week though, I've changed it again. In my early-mid teens, my everyday makeup consisted of a winged eye. I used to spend so long in the mornings before school trying to get each side to match. It was  pointless by the way, because very annoyingly I have one eye that's much more hooded than the other. It's a pain in the A*se because one eye looks smaller than the other!! It also means that my winged eyeliner never looks even. I know with a hooded eye, winged eyeliner is out of the question but I decided if I like a winged eye, I'm going to wear one regardless.

So for a couple of years that's what I wore on a daily basis. Eventually I grew out of it, as you do. One day my liquid liner ran out and I just didn't buy another one. I moved onto gel eyeliner and then started to leave it out altogether. Last week I was in boots and saw the old liquid liner I used to use and decided to buy it for old times sake. Turns out I really like it... again.

Liner directly after applying

Liner 7 hours later

 The eyeliner I use is Rimmel Exaggerate Eye liner. I wonder if they've changed the formula in recent years though, because it's not how I remembered it. I used to be able to layer it if I'd missed out on places, but now if I try and layer, it just flakes of what's underneath, so I'm not liking that. Other than that though it's a great liner. Stays on all day. As you can see from the picture it looks pretty much the same seven hours after I applied it - doesn't fade or smudge, and it's matte black. Not too pricey either. The applicator is a really good shape and quite sturdy which it makes it so easy and quick to apply. I hate the ones that are very thin and flimsy, so they move all over the place when you're trying to put it on! I'm thinking I'm going to be loving the winged eye for the next while.

bye for now.

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